Crown Folio Arab

Hello fellow lovers of the press!

I have recently restored a beautiful Crown Folio Arab (Fatima) who was in very bad condition when I picked her up. I have completely stripped her of a layer of rust and mould which had become her only friend.

I’ve had a treadle made and fitted, and over the past three weeks I have successfully printed some great cards for a friend.

We’ve been smiling a lot lately…

Until I noticed a strange clicking sound. It seems to be coming from the right hand side of the press directly opposite the impression lever. I have noticed the arm (which has the serial number engraved on it) is moving out on the rotation of the wheel and then hitting as it moves back in. I’m concerned I may have damaged her somehow.
Could it be caused by a heavy impression?
Or the tightness of the treadle?
Or has something become loose?
Or is that noise normal?

Please help!

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Post some piccies. But no this is not normal. It sounds like something is awry. The connecting rod should not move like this. Please let me have more details and I will be able to help.

I had a similar experience with my Folio early on. More a grating sound on the right hand side towards the back. It was just the rod that engages the line drive pulley travelling a little too far and the casting that holds the belt (when you power it off a shaft) rubbed on the pulley. A slight turn of the crank on the left side fixes it. One day I’ll adjust it properly but I’ve got a Crown turning up next week and that needs to be put into action first.


Thanks MP and AP.
I have attached grab from a video I took of the press in action. The right connecting rod moves to the right a couple of mm on rotation and then slams back against the piece on the left. I can physically move the rod right then left. Which crank are you referring to? Is it near the left connecting rod and the impression adjuster?

image: 15 - 1.jpg

15 - 1.jpg

Could you post some better photographs please?

Any old bearing from a press perhaps 100 years old can be worn. So long as the parts the connecting rod rotates too is not juddering, behaving oddy then you have hope. Patrick Roe at The Logan Press restores refurbs these presses, and it is not surprising that on some he finds, parts are fitted the wrong way round, or have swapped sides, incorrect bolts used to replace lost ones etc. Patrick can also advise if needed.
Fundamentally is the press level on the floor in both x and y axis, all parts bolted tight etc etc? Any slack in bearings?

Thomas I think you have crown folio (?) where is your serial number?
My Arab is ‘only’ a foolscap size, but the connecting rod with the serial number on it is most definitely on the left hand side by the impression lever, not by the cog (the number is the right way up for the operator).
The rod on the other side is exactly the same length, but as Jonathan says if it’s on the wrong side it may well make a difference.

Yup That con rod is back to front. The number should be on the left hand side by your left hand. It could make a difference. This is the con rod that is a pain to get in and out.

The connecting rod with the serial number is situated to the left, when facing the feeding board. The connecting rod on the right hand side is indeed difficult to remove. Another way to tell if the rods sit the right way around is by the small oil holes.