American Graphic Equipment Corp.

AGEC provides supplies to letterpress hobbyists and letterpress shops. We stock wedge style and hi-speed quoins, composing sticks, ludlow sticks, Heidelberg chases, tympan sheets, complete wood type fonts, vintage printers blocks and cuts, slug cutters, miterers, wood and metal furniture, reglets, and some furniture cabinets. We occasionally have some tabletop presses for sale as well. We also source parts for Heidelberg Windmill presses.
We also have foundry type, bronze type, and Mazak zinc type in many fonts and sizes. The latter two for gold stamping and embossing.

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I am planning to re-finish a few Hamilton type cabinets I recently purchased. Would anyone know the original wood stain color? If anyone has re-finished these before…what stain did you use?