Damon & Peets

I have located a Damon & Peets press that appears to be in working order. The flywheel rotates freely…the gears mesh with no obvious trouble. It makes no noise that would indicate it wants to freeze, jam, or otherwise break down.
I believe it is a model called “The Favorite”.
The treadle has been removed…nowhere to be found.
There is only one chase….it fits snugly into the bed. It makes a decent impression.
There is a throwoff “handle”…not a lever…it works.
My questions: can new rollers be found for this press? Are chases for this press hard to locate.
I am not a pro…simply an amateur who likes to dabble here and there. Thanks in advance for any input…including observations from those of you who have used this press.

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Rollers for pretty much any press can be made. Even if you are missing the roller-cores etc. a good vendor will work with you to get necessary measurements from the press.

Chases can be made if they can’t be found, either from metal or plywood… and you have one to replicate which makes it easier.

I don’t have any experience on this model press, but I’ve had rollers fabricated for rare presses with no old parts to work from and there are dozens of posts on here by people who’ve fabricated their own chases to replace lost/broken ones, or simply to serve a specific purpose.


If you have the old rollers the best bet is have them recovered. If not there are a number of Favorites around (there is one in the Wright Cycle Shop exhibit on Dayton’s West Side) and someone can give you dimensions for the cores and trucks if you don’t have those. As to chases you might get lucky with Dave Churchman or perhaps John Barrett.


Thank you very much for your advice…much appreciated.