C&P New Style Roller Height

Hi Letterpressheads,

Hoping you may be able to assist me with a query about my New Style Chandler & Price 12 x 18” rollers.

I have the original metal trucks and they are 1.921” in diameter.

Someone mentioned on this site that plastic trucks are more forgiving, so I picked some up from Fritz at NA Graphics.
The plastic trucks, however, have a diameter of 1.989”.

- a difference of 0.068” between the two substrates.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Surely the trucks should be the same diameter???

I need to re-rubber the rollers, so my questions are;

1. What should the diameter of the rollers actually be if I wanted to use the plastic trucks?

2. And what diameter should the rollers be if I wanted to stick with the metal trucks?

Many thanks in advance

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