Initial’s Identification help

I am looking for some help identifying these initials. I have went through our resource books with no luck and I am now scouring Google.

Any push in the right very much appreciated.



image: unnamed.jpg


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Another photo in case that will help.

image: Initials2 (1).jpg

Initials2 (1).jpg

I have a set like that. My research so far has found that it was originally cast by Lanston Monotype Company. Lanston Type Company, a subsidiary of P22 has both a positive and negative version. I have not been able to find the designer but speculate it is turn of the century, early 1900s. Similar to Goudy Cloister and some William Morris fonts. One source said the original set only had 25 characters. My set is missing the X. The LTS font has all 26 letters.

I was thinking Monotype, so thank you for that confirmation. We are also missing only the X so it sounds like your source is correct.

Thanks bunches!

They are indeed Monotype Initials No. 448. No name other than that number. What is really interesting is that you are showing the 36 pt. Monotype Initials No. 448 are also offered as a 24 pt. font BUT the actual design of each character is totally different!!!!!!!!

Each of these fonts only contain 25 character as the X is missing in both sizses.

I think I have seen them offered as “Caslon Initials” but Monotype only uses the number in their catalogs.



I am nearly finished printing a specimen sheet of my 24 pt. Thanks for the number info. I will include that in the colophon and post a photo when I finish.