galley widths

I print with an old Challenge flatbed cylinder proofing press with a 9-inch wide bed that requires a galley in it to reach type height. So I build my forms in and print from galleys (nothing bigger than 8.5” x 11” paper); all fine. The steel galleys are 9” x 13”…or are they?

I inherited a bunch that I’ve always used, then a few months ago I bought a bunch on e-bay sold as 9” x 13” and they work perfectly in my press. Last week I bought some more, also sold as 9” x 13”, and they are slightly too wide…what gives?

I previously had a couple that were also slightly too wide for my press bed, and I set them aside, although they all seem to measure 9 inches wide.

My question: Is there some variation I don’t know about? Is there a galley size slightly less wide than 9 inches? Any insights would be much appreciated!


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