Kluge 12 X 18 5 Bolt Auto Feeder Letterpress

We are selling a Kluge 12x18 platen press. When we originally bought this we intended to add letterpress to our printing business, but our business has grown in a different direction. We’ve remained primarily focused on Screen Printing so we don’t have any use (or room) for this press. I’m sure somebody out there will! We’ve had this in storage for about a year. Before that it was in use by a letterpress shop in northern Illinois.

From what I understand this press has five bolts (instead of four) under the center of the printing area which makes it possible to have a more even impression over the large printing surface. This also makes it an ideal platen press for diecutting and foil printing which requires extra equipment (not included). It also has an auto feeder which can be removed if you prefer to feed the paper by hand.

Please see all the pictures. And we will do our best with any questions you might have. All sales final. Buyer must pick up or make arrangements for delivery.

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