paper load problem Hedi windmill Card stock

Hi all- Hedi wind mill:
I’ve started this large post card project paper size 33x21 cm (heavy card stock 450 g)
I have a problem when the suckers grab the paper and the arm swings the paper hits the black base of the sucker arm, denting the paper and stressing the arm.
I tried moving the position of the paper stack from the far left position (which worked), but then the the paper won’t fall onto the brass guides in the correct position.
any solutions??

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Paper loading problem Hedi windmill card stock damaged

Heavy stock usually requires “0” tilt
How thick is the stock ?

Heidelberg made a special feed arm with a crook in it for non-flexible substrates. I have only seen one press equipped with one of these in my long acquaintance with letterpress, and that was for a company die-cutting balsawood models.

I have seen it listed in one of the Heidelberg manuals as an accessory modification.

John Henry

I found the Heidelberg manual page online which lists the accessory for feeding rigid sheets:

It is on page 134.

John Henry