Stephenson Blake & Co

Can anyone identify this beautiful SB & Co font, please? It is 2 inches (50 mm/12 line tall.)
It is not in their very comprehensive 1930 book so I assume it is a later addition.
d.arcadian (aka Diana)

image: sb & co.jpg

sb & co.jpg

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The photo did not upload properly so I will try again

image: sb & co.jpg

sb & co.jpg

I think you will need to remove the ampersand symbol. The system doesn’t like symbols in the file titles…

emthree is right, just add the photo again with no spaces or special characters. :)

I have a few later S and B specimen books. If you can get me a photo I will be glad to help.
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It’s the ampersands. Briar Press doesn’t escape them properly, and they have magical properties when used in a URL. Right click the image, open in new tab, find any occurrences of & in the url and change to %26.

I’m astonished that this simple problem hasn’t been addressed in the three or four years that I’ve been visiting this site. In fact, the site hasn’t changed at all. Bit of a headless beast, really.

Anyway, I have retrieved the image and attached it.

image: briarpressisbroken.jpg


Keelan, that is wonderful. Thank you. I did not know about the ampersand. I will remember that in future.
I do hope you do find it!

image: sb  co.jpg

sb co.jpg

The face is named Glenmoy. I have a 1936 catalog titled “Wood Letter” from Stephenson, Blake & Co. Ltd.and it is shown in a supplement in the front of the book so it must have been a recent cutting added at that time as the rest iof the book had already been on press.

They mention that all wood fonts are manufactured in their own Works which adjoin the type foundry.


That is amazing! Thank you very, very much!