Another Golding question…

First of all, thanks to everyone for being so amazing with always helping out and having such great suggestions! I installed new rollers on my Golding Jobber no 6 and the latest problem is they don’t turn. They turn when they go over the ink disc but when on the ramps, nothing. If I oil them, some of the trucks will turn but not all. I’ve added pictures below in case it helps but I’m pretty much at wits’ end with this press. Any help would be appreciated.

image: IMG_2476.JPG


image: IMG_2477.JPG


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a good cleaning and remove paint off hooks will help a lot.
to clean its best to remove hooks, and with a brass wire wheel clean off all ink and paint. Then on the in side of hook use a Dremel tool with small .25” sanding drum clean and shape it a little if needed. The holes in the arms need a little cleaning to carefully not to brake castings use the smallest brass wire brush from your gun cleaning kit pick a size that slides in holes easily and spin with cordless drill do not over do just clean off any paint or ink and then oil. with a green scrubby pad clean your rails to. Things like more spring pressure or some type high bars on left and right sides of in side of chase will make it turn.

kmurray, if the trucks are not keyed to the roller
core you will always get skating. best james