Calibrating Gold Boss Hot Stamp


I recently acquired a 10x15” windmill with a Gold Boss hot stamping unit on it.

The temperature regulating component on this clearly needs to be calibrated because when we turn it on and set it to apx. room temperature the unit continues to heat up higher and higher.

Any ideas? Thank you!

image: IMG_0090.JPG


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first off, if it is measuring and reading the temp, i assume the thermocouple is working. There is a pos +, and neg - to this. standard J type is usually white is positive, red negative. make sure this is correctly wired. you can test the thermo with a meter. standard J type, the resistance goes up when heat is applied.
second, make sure the power to hotplate is hooked up to proper part of box. make sure it is not wired to the alarm if one is there. i assume there is some sort of a relay or switch inside this box, as the panel meter probably does not have contacts big enough to handle current of the heat unit.
third, make sure if it is a “solid state” relay, that it is working. commonly on these solid state relays, the “default” setting is in the “on” switch and not “off” as one would presume. this would be like a light bulb staying lit when bad, instead of burning out.
4th, the display unit probably has a small magnetic relay for the output. this is inside the unit itself. make sure this is “switching” open and closed as you change the heat setting. These only last so many cycles, then go should be able to hear it click when switching.
you can contact me for further help if needed.