“Droopy” rollers on my Craftsmen Monarch press

Hi again all,

Once more, I need your advice. I have a Craftsmen Monarch 9 x 12 platen press with “droopy rollers”. The pictures here will help to explain a bit. Essentially, the left (when facing the press) roller arm does not rise as high as the right arm. This results in the rollers being pinched between the platen and the press bed when they reach the top of the platen.

I’ve replaced the saddle springs with new ones purchased directly from Craftsmen Machinery. I’ve removed the gripper assembly to ensure that there’s no interference as I try to resolve this problem. I’ve loosened and then re-tightened the bushing that secures the roller arm joint. I even switched the drive arm to the right side to see if I could better access the knuckle-joint of the droopy roller arm

This problem is particularly strange because it’s a fairly recent occurrence. I’ve had the press for 6 months and after replacing the saddle springs, it operated fairly well. (While the droop had previously been present, it did not impede the function of the press). That said, the rollers have never fully covered the ink disc as the disc rotated. (There’s always been a spot the size of a loonie in the centre of the disc where the ink does not reach.) Now I can’t close the press without the rollers being caught.

I’d be very happy for your ideas, suggestions on what I should do to fix this.


image: Droopy1 (1024x576).jpg

Droopy1 (1024x576).jpg

image: Droopy2.jpg


image: Droopy3.jpg


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maybe this will help http://www.briarpress.org/19556

Bless you Klugemaster1313!! This was just the right post - I loosened the hex screws, adjusted the offending droop - and tightened it up! Eureka! I think I’ve got it fixed! Thank you!

cool came across that in search of info on my kluge glad it worked


How exactly did you fix your “Droopy” roller? I’m having the exact same issue. (same press as well). Please tell.

Sugar Pear Design.

Locate the set screws found in the boss of the roller frame(s). Loosen them, align the rollers perpendicular to the rails and tighten them. When your press lever is upright the rollers ought to be just below the chase locators at the bottom of the chase base.


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