BB&S Lining Standard Script

Recently found what appears to be a complete font but I am having a little difficulty identifying certain letters. Does anyone have or can anyone post a Specimen of this font. I found an archive online with some samples from a 1907 BB&S catalog however it does not show all the Capital letters. Type is marked BB&S Chicago 48.
Thanks for any and all help.

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The BB&S specimen book no. 9 has a sample showing all capitals except O, Q, U, V, and X. On the page following the Lining Standard Script is Premier Script which is very similar and has examples of O, and V. Maybe post images of the characters you can’t identify. Old BBS Z’s for instance, take a wide variety of forms as shown in this image of three different fonts from my collection.

image: IMG_2375.jpg


There is an ‘O,’ ‘U’ and a ‘V’ shown on page 265, of the BB&S Big Blue Book (ca. 1895), page 265. Finding an ‘X’ or a ‘Z’ may be difficult in those old specimens. McGrew must have considered the face to be 19th-century, since he did not even list it.
Dave Greer