Small run plate supplier?


I currently use Boxcar for my plates but am searching for an alternate supplier. Sometimes I have only a very small file to process and their minimums are killing me. I would like to find a place that will do a small file and have a reasonable shipping fee attached to it. Any leads would be appreciated.

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Logos Graphics in San Francisco ( has plate sizes starting at A6 (5.8”x4.125”), for $20 regular relief/$23 deep relief or steel-back, and they ship anywhere. Great work, great folks, highly recommended!
Littoral Press

Try Concord Engraving. No minimum and better pricing than Boxcar.

I’ve used Crown Flexo in the past with excellent results. They do have a minimum but it’s pretty small, and last I checked their price per square inch was a bit lower than Concord’s. It’s been a bit more than a year since I ordered any plates, though, so that may have changed.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

I second the Logos Graphics recommendation. Their customer service is excellent and plate quality has always been wonderful for me as well.

Owosso Graphics!!

I’ve used Concord for upwards of 5 years now. Very nice and helpful folks there.

Concord Engraving is the way to go for PP and Magnesium platemaking. Great pricing and very helpful with file issues. (Saved me on a fussy job with bad customer supplied piece of artwork).

Ted Lavin
Artificer Press

Thanks to all so far for the responses. The only one i have had time to glance at is Concord (since it had the most votes) the $10 minimum, which equates to 20 sq” and the option for uses late rate envelope at $5’ish sure sounds nice. So that puts a single biz card plate at $15 shipped with some room. Anyone use Czar Press for plates? I have them as a bookmark but have never dug in enough to order. No-one has mentioned them yet, so that may say something. Keep the suggestions coming. I will be trying someone Besides boxcar the next order (double side Biz card plate)