Bill and Elaine Guenther, owner 

Artcrafts Engraving Company

Artcrafts Engraving has been providing printing plates for the letterpress industry for over 100 years! Low pricing, fast service, all 50 states (we recently agreed to partial payment in Kona coffee from a Hawaii customer… we’re glad we did!).

Presently we offer the following options:
Magnesium plates
.250 (1/4”)
.153 (11 point)
.064 (16 gauge)
Maximum size – 18×24
Type-high wood mounted engravings – thickness guaranteed.

Photopolymer (flexographic) plates
Maximum size – 24×36
Our water washout polymer produces higher quality and no toxic chemicals.

Hard Plastic – letterpress plates
.038 plastic base
.038 metal base
.060 metal base

Please inquire if you are looking for something not listed above.

image: Archival photo of our Vandercook OS219.jpg

Archival photo of our Vandercook OS219.jpg