Golding Pearl?

I have acquired what seems to be a Golding Pearl in a package deal. However, I can’t find any information or pictures of this particular model online.

Does anyone know here what make/model this is? The press has no markings, emblems, or engravings on it…

The crankshaft arm has been repaired with drilled threads and hex bolts, and the press seems to be moving smoothly.

The platen measures 13.5” x 8.5” and I need a chase, rollers w/ trucks and roller arms (at least two are bent, and one seems to be completely out of place)

Any help appreciated!

image: 2016-01-11-17.52.05.jpg


image: 2016-01-11-17.52.21.jpg


image: 2016-01-11-17.52.33.jpg


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That looks like a Golding Jobber rather than a Pearl — the links to the platen mechanism and the harp-shaped roller arms are the give-away. (It’s also possible it was made by Craftsman Machinery, who made Pearl knockoffs, but I don’t think Jobbers had ID cast on them except for the treadle, which had a G.) The Jobber is a fine press and capable of much heavier impression than the Pearls. It’s hard to tell the size but it looks like it might be an 8x12, given the bed size. You can probably get the bent roller hook straightened by a machinist. Perhaps John Falstrom, the East’s Golding Guru, may be able to help with a chase and other needs.


thank you Bob –
I dug around a little more this morning and came across this link, which looks exactly like the press I have:

I have reached out to John for missing accessories.