Challenge-Lee two revolution press

Hi, I finally got my Challenge press home. I have a couple C&P models but I have always wanted a real newspaper press and now I got one. I didn’t get much information with it other than it came from a small Kansas paper. There is a large brass plate that has the Challenge logo similar to my paper cutter but some nice person drilled holes in it and mounted a breaker box over it when it was converted to an electric motor instead of the line drive. Does anyone know of one of these in operation or in a museum? I have been hunting all over the net looking for books or parts manuals and have not found anything? I am guess this goes back to WW1-mid 20s? It had been stored in the building I got it out of for probably 40 years or more and it and the paper folder that came with it took up most of the truck for the trip home. I got my community’s old newspaper building and am trying to set up a hobby print shop in it and have kind of a private museum at the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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There is a Lee cylinder press in operation at the Saguache Crescent newspaper here in Colorado. It has been featured in several news stories/interviews and this is one of the latest:

Coombs, the owner/publisher for years had a backup Lee cylinder in Dolores Colorado that was long out of service but served as an occasional parts machine. I think that is all gone now. Lees were actually in production through the 50s and possibly into the 1960s.

Thanks, there should be some books around for these someplace then? It doesn’t say anything about Lee on it, only Challenge so I don’t know if that might date it or not?

As of the 1953 Harry W. Brintnall catalog:

this was the Lee press being offered at that time. Your press has fly delivery compared with the press shown. I’m sure there were some options/variations over the years Challenge made this press.

Thank you very much for that, I am trying to learn everything I can!