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Hello! I am now the proud owner of an Adana 8x5! I have been trying to find the correct ink for use on cotton paper (I intend printing cards using a combination of metal and wood type) but am unsure which brand /type to use and where to buy.

I am going dizzy looking at all the different websites and don’t want to spend money on the wrong ink.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Gill

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Gill, first Port of call has to be Lawrence Art Supplies Hove Sussex, They have been around a long time and are brilliant for Info & Supplies for Letterpress.

Hi - I’ve been on their website but in the Letterpress ink section there are only 5 shades of black available.

Go to “Lawrence Linseed Oil Relief Ink”. Lots of colours there.
Or Lyme Bay Press for the Vanson rubber based inks.
Been many a discussion on here, but fundamental difference is rubber base dries more by absorption into the paper, linseed more by evaporation

Relief ink is not the same as letterpress ink, it has a different characteristic, normally softer as it is used for hand inking.

The Van Son rubber inks are only available in large tins now.

Your choice is Lawrence letterpress inks or Caslon letterpress inks.

If you need any advice you can always give them a call.

Thanks very much for your help - I will call Caslon tomorrow.

I purchase mine from Mayday Graphics, they do oil and rubber based Vanson inks, as well as the metallics and fluorescent ranges.

I’m in Northern Ireland so the postage is expensive (but I’m used to it as everyone does it). do their No 1 range as well as the Vanson rubber inks. I’m suspicious that the No. 1 range is actually the vanson oil based ink…