Dilip Patel, founder 

Ravi Engineering Works

Dear Friends,
We introduce ourselves as pioneer manufacturer and exporter of major equipment required for Graphics (Print making) Studios for Fine Arts Colleges/Institutes and Individual artists since 1949 in India.
As a testament to our quality we offer 25 year warranty on all our new Etching and Lithography Presses.
We are Selling our Products under “RAVI ”Brand.
A. Graphics/Print Making Studio:
1. Etching Press (15 sizes)
2. Lithography Press
3. Rubber Rollers
4. Hot Plate
5. Drying Racks
6. Leather Rollers
7. Zinc Plate
8. Tool Kit
9. Aqua Tint Booth

image: Etching Press 30 x 54.JPG

Etching Press 30 x 54.JPG

image: Copy of IMG-20160202-WA0006.jpg

Copy of IMG-20160202-WA0006.jpg

image: Nap Roller 5 dia x 16 L.jpg

Nap Roller 5 dia x 16 L.jpg

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door to door delivery in UK, USA and Australia with export packing, insurance.
for mini etching press $555 includes cost of press,insurance , door to door delivery, packing and door to door delivery.
payment through PAYPAL or International Bank Transfer.

for further details please visit www.raviengg.com
contact no: +919099925247