Roller/Brayer ID

I picked up this roller/brayer as part of a larger lot of letterpress equipment. It’s all brass, about 5” wide and 1.25” in diameter. The handle is solid brass, and looks like it was meant to mount on another piece of equipment. The handle is not easy to hold.

Any ideas what it was supposed to be attached to?

image: IMG_7480.jpg


image: IMG_7479.jpg


image: IMG_7478.jpg


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Pretty sure what you have there is for offset printing, it’s called a squeeze roller. On larger offset presses, you sometimes need to add less fountain solution to the plate in differtent locations ie: solids that take little to no solutions. This roller along with others, sometimes various widths would be clamped on a shaft that would allow the roller to slide side to side and clamped into position and set to the pan roller. I hope this helps.