Bearings for Showcard press

Hi all,

I’m working on refurbishing a showcard sign press. Currently elbow-deep in bearings questions.

The roller assembly glides up and down the length of the bed courtesy of 8 ball bearings (4 per side), which is 2 in horizontal rotation and 2 in vertical rotation on each side. In both cases they are attached to the cast iron roller assembly frame by means of a eccentric mount on a threaded stud (verticals) or a setscrew (smaller horizontals).

The larger bearings appear to have been pressed onto a post that has a threaded stud eccentrically attached to it. It appears to be all of a piece, although I can’t be sure of that.

My question is: I have replacement bearings in hand, but how do I salvage these eccentric mounts from the old bearings if at all; and if that isn’t possible, what the hell are they called, and where can i hunt for replacements?

Pictures of the entire press are here:

Pictures of the larger vertical bearing with the post attached are below. Also attaching a pic of the setscrew with eccentric mount just for curiosity. Thanks,


image: Threaded bolt toward viewer

Threaded bolt toward viewer

image: Threads away from viewer

Threads away from viewer

image: Eccentric set screw

Eccentric set screw

image: Inside view of roller assy

Inside view of roller assy

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These are “press fit” bearings—not screwed or twisted on. Any competent machine shop can change these out for you in relatively short order.

Not quite the *Rocket Science* that it appears to be.
I.E. you have, via one or two of your own shots, answered your own query, there are on the market Bearing pullers that range from Massive Multi legged Hydraulic pullers, down to tiny ones, to do exactly that which you require.

When it comes to bearings as small as your requirements, for extraction, quick trawl of E bay will show up tiny pullers, dedicated for small bearings, they are equipped with legs, normally 2, with very narrow clearance and normally radiused to match the outer race of your bearing, in essence performing the same function as in your middle shot.

The radiused claws sit behind the outer race, the in built thrust bolt just tightens down on to the stub, normally it takes very little pressure to withdraw the race, if it does become reluctant to budge, once in tension one or two taps on the head of the extractor bolt, will complete the operation,… N.B. TAPS not Blows. = copper hammer, less the 8 ounces.??? even Grandmas Toffee Hammer.!!

Check out E bay, (assuming that Stateside you are up to speed) the precise tool is listed, Sterling/£17, roughly $24.

On E bay:-
**U S Pro tools, thin 2 jaw bearing gear puller/remover, new 5123,** . .
The same tool also turns in well, for pulling the bearings from Heidelberg Platen rollers, when the normal bearing press is absent from Platens.

The tool specified above, has a wide range of adjustment(s) for various bearings, AND has provision for considerable DEPTH adjustments. as in the extended stub on Heidelberg Rollers, with ball race bearings.? etc.