How much spacing material to buy

Hello: I have a small tabletop press… biggest sheet of paper I am ever likely to print on would measure no more than 8 1/2” x 5 1/2”. Mostly I print small items for the gun shop I work at, i,e,: price tags, buying books, business cards, etc. The “print shop” is primarily a hobby. I have fonts in 18 and 12 point, mostly purchased from M&H, but it had very little spacing material. My question: how much spacing material (EM-quads, EN-quads, spaces, etc.) and how much weight of leads and slugs would I likely need to order for such small jobs? Thanks.

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The Monotype Standardised Fount Scheme is a pretty good guide.

I didn’t know that such a thing existed. Thank you! I also inquired at M&H. Here’s what they replied:

“I would consider purchasing a 5 pound Quad and Space font ($50) for each point size. As far as leading/slugs you could start with a couple pounds of each (say 3 or 4pt and 6pt) and then get more if you need it.”