image: Tulip Czescha

You can use this ornament on your computer or on your letterpress.

On your computer

The low resolution image above is suitable for screen viewing, but the Postscript file (vector line art saved as .eps) will produce a far sharper print. In Postscript format, the image can be resized without any loss of clarity. Import or place it into your document, or open it in path editing software. More info.

On your letterpress

You can use this image on your letterpress by having a cut made. Photoengraving companies can produce a cut, sometimes referred to as a linecut or a die, that is mounted on a type-high block, ready for letterpress. See the Printer's Yellow Pages for a list of companies that make cuts. More info.

Price $16 US.

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Please respect the Cuts & Caps license.

Buying a license for this ornament entitles you to use its Postscript and bitmap versions in your personal or commercial work. Your use of the image is unrestricted, but please do not redistribute the Postscript file. More info.

Creative Commons License

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