Adana 8x5 Cracked main frame

Hello all,

Last month I bought an Adana 8x5 mk3 from ebay. I had to order rollers so did not look much at the machine much until now. But when fitting the rollers yesterday I noticed a crack in the frame near the impression screws, not good!

What is the best course of action here? I am thinking of stripping the machine down and having the crack welded. Were the main frames made of cast iron or cast aluminium, or another alloy?

image: IMG_20160521_193141237.jpg


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does a magnet stick to this part? otherwise, a good welder can give it a quick “spark test” to come close to the metal ID.

A magnet does not stick to the area. I did think it would be cast iron but it seems could not be, and might be a cast alloy, maybe aluminium?

* Up to a point Bad News.! But with just a tinge of good news?
Generally the 8 x 5 was/is Cast Aluminium (unlike some H.S. 2,s and the H.S.3 8 1/5” x 5 1/2” were/are, one piece cast Iron main frame(s)
Slightly better news! the 8 x 5 was produced at different times with slightly better or not so good Material, Both die-cast aluminium but, examine carefully left side rear, when facing the M/c. IF the Legend AdanA is cast into the base and the Roller Carriage is the relatively crude/unstable multi-part assembly, generally regarded as the more inferior DIECAST material.
Again careful examination reveals the AdanA Logo and the serial number (same position) BUT on a Brass Plaque, also synonymous with ONE PIECE roller carriage assembly,= very stable very precise!! in use, this usually implies a better Aluminium (frame) content and casting.

Better news, if your original appraisal and examination is correct, the cracked part, next to impression screw, you will observe that, as you intend to dismantle, a reasonably proficient welder should be able to tackle that kind of weld, although small and fiddly.
If Your man is worth His salt he will/should ask for You to present the job, i.e. the effected piece, BUT with the CAST IRON chase bed frame, bolted up tight with *Dummy* bed retaining Bolts,for alignment during welding, AND the 4 impression screws still IN SITU, but backed off to below the face of the broken casting??

Broken Cracked, Cast Iron sections are (in the hands of a proficient welder) normally held in position with powerful Welders Magnets, Aluminium does not afford this luxury, hence the above Backed of Screws remark, *Jury Rig* retainers may be the order of the day.!! With the chase bed for alignment.

Serial numbers, In the case of the 8 x 5,s (generally) with the variations as above, on the, presumably, earlier models with One Piece roller carriage assembly, those serial numbers are in the order of *D* prefix & 4 figures.

Later models (appearing to be normal progression = conjecture not fact) are in the order of *C* prefix with figures running into 5 digits, stamped into the top of the platen proper under the Bale arm.


Good Luck Mick.… U.K.???

To do that to an 8x5 is serious abuse possibly the previous owner thinking they can do deep impression. It is mainly an alloy press with no iron and a little steel for the bolts, nuts, rods etc. It may be that there are some bits that have been bent.
Also check if the disk spindle wobbles, nothing to do with this problem but indicates lack of care by previous owners.

Personally I would ask for the money back and start again.

Many thanks for your detailed and helpful replies.

The AdanA logo is cast into the frame and the roller carriage is the same as the one pictured on this machine:

I think firstly I will try to get a refund and start again but if this is not successful I will have to look into fixing, and also hope no other parts are bent.

I would ask eBay for help. In the meantime Google Don Black Linecasting. They have a great line of presses.
Also check Letterpress Things. John Barrett usually has a press.
I’ve been waiting 5 weeks for my press and now wished I had gone with Don Black. I would now be printing!

David c, Perhaps, do not throw in the towel too quickly, unless your supplier is *on the doorstep* and will honour any unwritten obligation,!! did the E bay spiel imply >Returns accepted< etc.

A concern would seem to be, and assuming you even receive a full refund, comes to mind the old saying *Jumping from the Frying Pan into the fire* maybe the next one would be worse than the present one.

I re iterate my original resume (above) but add (as you already implied partial dismantle) OBSERVE carefully, the sub section that carries the 4 impression screws + the 2 chase bed retaining Bolts, which also incorporates the Swan Neck that carries the Ink Disc,!! is only retained within the main frame via 2 Transerve bolts, double ended/threaded hence will pull out from either side, only the Ink Disc feed pawl will have to be swung out of the way,???

If or when you possibly dismantle, before biting the bullet, take a closer look at the Chase Bed retaining screws, 2 larger Thumbscrews, between the top and bottom impression screws on both sides, the format/order should be, in each case a steel collar about 6 ems long abutting the broken section, with a flat section coil spring with about 2 full turns between the steel collar and the thumbscrew, to act as a compressible mechanism to keep the chase bed back onto the 4 impression screws but NOT screwed down/in Hard or Solid.

****The most likely reason Your M/c. ended up with the resulting Crack/Fracture was that a previous owner inadvertently tightened the 2 Retaining bolts down SOLID and then tried to level the bed by screwing in the 4 Impression screws without backing off the 2 retainers, with 4 impression screws in the wrong hands it is possible to put a lot of pressure on the comparatively thin Aluminium casting.

Have 3 AdanA 8 x 5,s on sight at time of posting, all 3 in ready to use format, (in each case) with the 2 spring retainer thumbscrews in gentle compression, showing about 1/8” still, free play, all 4 Imp. screws can be advanced with just gentle pressure, IF the retainers were cranked up solid it would be easy to cause the problem in question.

Unless it is already too late, maybe stick with the Devil that You Know,!! for the time being.

Good Luck Mick