How much are Intertype and Linotype Moulds and Mould Liners worth?

I have a decent quantity of Intertype/Linotype Moulds and Mould Liners and are curious how much they are worth before I go blasting them on the web. I am told that mould liners are worth their weight in gold- which means I have about $196,000 worth at my side. If this were true, well then that’d be too good to be. And back down to earth I’m not trying to retire off of their sales, I’m just trying to be reasonable while not being taken advantage of.

Would anyone care to shed some insight as to what the values of Intertype/Linotype Moulds and Mould Liners are?

Thank you in advance!

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Guessing, by your spelling of mould. That you are English. This may have a bearing on the moulds themselves (if the mats are punched for English Linotype (.050 depth of drive) vs American Linotype (.030 depth of drive). I believe liners must be matched tot he moulds.

Some sizes and configurations of moulds are handy and possibly sought out by operators, especially recessed moulds that come with the appropriate wedges to allow short measure casting with liners (so to cast a 12 point recessed mould with an 18 point liner—without have metal go where it oughtn’t.

MikefromMontana… I am an American located in Oakland, California and I believe you just bought a Ludlow Composite stick off of me via feebay :). Thanks for the input!

You can put a high price on them and you will have them to give to your grandchildren.

Or you can put a price that will put money in your pocket in a few weeks and help another person who needs them out.

@Aaron: I ain’t trying to start a museum of prehistoric analog print artifacts that the grandkids think are door-stops. So I’m gonna go with the second statement.. That is really all I intend to do anyways- get them to those who need them. Thanks for your input.

I have many molds and liners for both Linotype and Intertype
to include 42 Pica machines. Don’t know if anyone has one.
Very Rare