Chandler & Price and Kluge Chases

I have several chases that I am looking to get rid of.

5-C&P 8x12’s @ $40 per chase (I also have one that is welded that I’ll let go for less)

5-C&P 12x18’s @ $45 per chase

11- Kluge 12x18’s @ $45 per chase.
On two of the Kluge chases, there looks to be a good deal of rust. The rust is just cosmetic, and the chase itself is in good condition.

Shipping should be close to $30 for the 12x18’s, and around $15 for the 8x12’s in a flat rate box.

Unless we are meeting in person, we will conduct the transaction through PayPal. Chases are located in Greensboro, NC. Very close to I-40.

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image: CP 8x12

CP 8x12

image: CP 12x18

CP 12x18

image: Kluge 12x18

Kluge 12x18