Press Identification?

A friend received this tabletop press in a donation. Can anyone identify it from this picture? Do you have thoughts about this model or if it would be worth the effort to get it in working condition for a first press?

Thanks for your help!

image: IMG_0733.JPG


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It looks to me like an older Chandler & Price Pilot. I don’t see the chase, which one would need to use the press, but otherwise it looks fine, a bit rusty but that can be cleaned up with a wire brush and steel wool enough to print with it. With the grippers jammed behind the rollers the rollers will need to be replaced, about $150 probably for good rubber rollers from Ramco. The Pilot is a fine press for small work, and this one should do well. They would want to make a feed board to make the printing easier; it would be mounted on the curved brackets. It’s a fine starter press and many hobby printers have them and use them for years.


I concur, I have one of the same vintage. It is a dandy little Chandler and Price Pilot. Looks fairly complete, except for the chase. A great starter press, and much sought after.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Bob. I appreciate your input as I dip my toes in the waters of acquiring my first press.

Thanks, dwallen. I am going to make the drive to take a better look at it and see what other bits were in the donation. We are talking about bartering a small art workshop (it was donated to a small rural art department) in exchange for the press.