Hohner Hobo IV?

Dear all,

We’ve recently acquired the table-top in the pictures below. I believe it’s a Hohner “Hobo” Model IV. We have the chase, and rollers (which are composition, melting, and need to be replaced).

There’s plenty of surface rust and grime (pulled from a tin barn in the mountains), but everything turns over and seems to move as it should.

I’m interested in the following:
Manuals and parts-sources (should we need them)
Further press-specs and confirmed ID.
Clarification/confirmation of the auto-eject “feature”.
Recommendations on restoration.

This last I’ll probably do myself. Unless necessary, I don’t want to take it apart to the nuts and bolts. I plan to remove it from the raw lumber it’s bolted to, and re-mount it on a cleaner plank, for starters. Any notes about the spring attached to the board in the lower left? What does this do?

Also: the graffiti art has since been painted over (from a former occupant of this basement space). Please enjoy or ignore at your preference…!

Thanks, as always!

image: Table-top_front_view.JPG


image: Table-top_side_view.JPG


image: Table-top_diagonal_view.JPG


image: Table-top_ink_disc_and_platen.JPG


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Will attempt to post further images, but in the meantime apologies for what seems to be some rotation in the images that I can’t correct or control…

Further images. Apologies for rotation in the images that I can’t seem to correct or control…

image: Table-top_mount_and_springs.jpg


image: Table-top_springs.jpg


image: Table-top_on_impression.jpg


Over at Letterpress Commons, among the press manuals, there is a Hohner 6x9 manual:

Certainly looks a lot like the Hohner Hobo I have. Can’t help much in the way of books, or specs or parts. I can answer questions however.

Thanks, both of you! Lammy, I will certainly contact you off-list when I get into the actual rehab. Thanks for the offer. Looking forward to being in touch.