Source for type high gauge

Can anyone point me to a source for a type high (US) gauge? I haven’t had any luck finding one on eBay that is reasonably priced. Thank you.

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An actual type gauge may be hard to come by. I’d try Fritz at NA Graphics or John at Letterpress Things.

In a pinch a decent micrometer will work.

Are you trying to measure type height, or roller clearance?

Either way, John or Fritz are your best bets.

I’ve seen them made as well, fashioned out of a good true flat base- some kind of rigid L mechanism- and a digital slide caliper or micrometer.

I’d add to sources the “wired bids” letterpress auctions that frequently are advertised on this site. they often contain lots of hard to find tools, and I’ve seen plate gauges and type high gauges on them. might be someone to contact as well. If you tell them you’re looking they might find one for you.

I sell a type gauge that includes a type high gauge for $25.00 including postage

As You are specifying *Type High Gauge*??and are quoting, *reasonably priced* etc., by implication finance is the driving issue? follows:- from U.K. can ship a genuine original *Type High Gauge* accurate to .001”

Gratis and complimentary, with the Proviso that You post on Briar Press a commitment to pay $10 to the World Wildlife Fund.

A traditional *Type High Gauge* with 2-3 ” (inch) throat is only around 1/2” thick and will go through our *Postal Service* approved >slot< as letterpost Mail, in a Jiffy Bag, with customs declaration for LESS than $10 U.S.Dollars.??? … Takes between 10 to 12 Days.!!! unfortunately.… Mick on Monotype, 12/10/2016.

Google, via >the counterpress `type foundry sort of` re pilcrows< … may give a clue as to my commitment.? . .August 1954 and still counting (just)

I found a type-high gauge on one of Paul Brubaker’s online letterpress auctions. Try High Bids

I asked Don K Black Linecasting about these in November 2015:

“2 Challenge Type High Gauges.The one on the right is $65.00 and the other is $50.00 US plus shipping.”

Don’s equipment is reliable and I like supporting his efforts. Hope that helps.

It’s not all about type high get a vernier caliper
you can mic rule, stock, type underlay, shims. I will adjust rollers and shim type to .923 just so I can crease with .895 at the same time. Get a tool that has the most uses.
But if you just gotta have a type gauge be happy with it.

A $1(euro) is almost exactly type high if you want to make your own. I prefer a commercially mfg gauge. I think I bought mine from Fritz


For those of us in the UK, Lyme Bay do a nice roller gauge for not too silly money

And I think I recall that the old UK shilling was pretty much type height in its diameter.

And a p.s. to my last, indeed the old UK sterling coinage
one shilling piece was near to type high. I have a pretty
‘new’ one and its 0.925”, if a worn one with most of its milling edge worn away, I reckon that would be pretty near.