What is the standard procedure when casting rules (i am not sure about the correct name) so a ‘lead that has a design on it so it will print’
, when one does not have the correct piece to start with.
In other words, normally one takes a piece of rule puts it in the mould and then casting can start, melting the new piece on the old piece.
If an old piece is not available, for 6 point we use to fill the ‘gap’ with soap, but for 12 point this does not seems to be working.
What to do ?

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If there is no original 12 Point stock to begin the process and You imply *Soap* does not work, (50/50) from way back, works or does not, one trick/gimmick from way back, still plug with Soap, BUT, leave out one or two of the of the Upper Or Lower, timing and compression Plates, on the Pump Piston stroke/Compression mechanism, i.e. reduce the pressure for one or two casts and ejections.??

Sealing wax has been known to work, but fiddly to *Drip In*.?


Take 2 pieces of 6 point high rule, remove the tiny serration from the rear (longitudonal) opposite the Channel/Nick on the front, remove (in both cases with Stanley knife, Exacto knife or scalpel) any rule face, down to the depth of the normal *drive* and insert 2 x 6 point lengths together, 30/40 ems long or 5/6 *Fusions* long, will clamp perfectly as Pica Rule does, for the first 2/3 Casts, and with the Martix of choice atop the mould, there will be the tiniest of splashes on the very first cast, and that is it, … good for Go.

This will and has worked for continuous Rule, where the *Mat/Matrix* is clamped for continuous strip product, AND for NON CONTINUOUS, Mats/Matrices where the Matrix has to lift for ejection to maintain the Pattern.!!!


If there is just 30/40 ems (or 5/6 fusions!) of Low Pica lead, or, enough length to meet the normal clamp, use Pica lead and still plug with *Soap* at reduced pressure, as above, greatly reduced Plug area to eject.
Once there is at least one short length of Pica rule with any face on top, as above, trim the face down to the *Depth of Drive* for all/any subsequent face variations, minute Splash with every first cast, but ejected after the first Fusion.??

It was fairly standard practice to include in the Mould Box, short lengths (6 ems, One fusion) of all the popular frequently used, and often run out of, (wasteful Compositors) original product, so the above was used frequently.!!!

If ALL Else fails, we have some original Pica Rule lengths around, unused, but depending on the Actual face involved, i.e. side face, centre face, full face, could still be trimmed of to to suit, for just the first cast, but Antwerp, is not exactly on the Doorstep For Sussex .U.K.

Thanks for all the good advice, but a new project got in the way of continuing the experiments. Hopefully in the future we can start this again, and see how far we get then. A tutorial anywhere would be nice though. If only we would of had a piece to start with….

Patrick, If if You care to get Your Monotype Operator/Mechanic/Engineer to check the Matrix-Number/Designation of the first Rule mat You wish to cast (12 Point?) I will be happy to trawl the Strips I have on sight, POSSIBLY! find a strip to match *Your* specified designation, BUT in any case, a 12 point strip with the face removed for Your first 2-3 ejections, there will only be the Minuteist splash on the first cast.

Do You have an *ELROD* in use, As Yet.? a 12 point continuous strip, as a >Starter< could well get you off to a flying start.??? . . ALSO.???

Forward a Postal address, if You will, to My E mail and I will forward a couple of tiny Starter Strips… . Mick.