Complete Shop

All the equipment is working order. You get everything from equipment, tools, work tables and any paper stock. You do not get the trash I left on the floor before taken thie photo.

C4 Intertype, Ludlow, AB DIck 9800, V-50 8x12 C&P 19” cutter. 7 Ludlow fonts, and about 30 Intertype Fonts.
Composing saw. Ludlow Self Centering stick.
plus all misc tools in the shop.

Located in Houston, Texas.

You can buy and remove from location or just take over lease and keep the shop as it is.

Reason for sale, I have no time in my life to run a shop and keep two full time jobs. With only a few hours a week to print, it has been very stressful for me. I try to print jobs behind jobs. I work seven days a week, so NO free time to do printing. By the time get a job ready to print it time for me to go to my paying job.

Asking price $7,500 or make me an offer. You can make monthly payments.
I have no time to pack up the shop. You buy, you come and get it.

Paypal, or credit card only.

Call 281-455-0050 Aaron

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