Parts for Kluge?

I got these pieces/parts with a lot of other stuff. The gentleman who gave them to me told me they were for a Kluge. I do not have a Kluge, and have no plans to get a Kluge. Two questions:

1) Can anyone help me identify verify they do go to a Kluge?
2) Anyone here think they can put them to use? They do me no good in my garage.


image: IMG_2135_export.jpg


image: IMG_2134_export.jpg


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Yes, Mike, these are definitely feeder parts for the Kluge automatic presses, and should be very useful to Kluge owners on the list. I am not one of these folks, however.

John Henry


Look up Ted Lavin from MA. I know he has a Kluge, he may need the parts.


are you going to sell these?