Antique Printing Press (In Case)

Eleventh Hour, possible rescue for posterity by (Fairly) dedicated Custodian.???

Item on E bay (not easy to find) but listed as *Antique Printing Press, in case* item no.222389910180 ?
Very Limited time remaining, any clues as to which type of Machine, Please, (It aint Monotype) but for the expected price! I could rescue it, if only to post the Details re Specs., possibly for the Archivists.?? . . In Hope. & Thank You, Mick… Registered for E bay.!

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sure you got the number right, check again,


It’s only an old duplicator Mick , been on there for weeks.

John & Liz Sones, Did say the item was hard to find, but thank You for looking.
Platen Printer, Thank You also, saves me , getting *Steamrollered* when the >Hammer< is coming down,? and all the Auto Bids are coming thick and fast.

Again Thank You both/all, my thinking was that it may have been the same kind of M/c. as has been discussed recently and frequently on B.P., i.e. the type that works in rotary form, with the *type* slotted in to rails around the cylinder.???

The first, last and only time observed that style and kind of machine working, (although much bigger) was late 50,s watching the “Stop Press” machines, churning out the Racing Results etc, normally back page, horizontal, bottom, ? watching with an ulterior motive, !!! namely, delivering the late edition/evening papers, door to door, for a vast 5/- (shillings) 25p (pence) approx 30 Cents ($) but “Hey Ho” that was, then, more than the price of a Gallon of petrol, in the 250 c/c Velocette/B.S.A./Excelsior Talisman, etc, for the Saturday night cruise around the Coffee Bars.
Thanks Again. Mick