Brass Lay Guide

We had tried and failed to work with the brass lay guides in the past but today had to make it work. We did discovered one of the lay guides was mounted upside down. The press had come to us that way and I had seen video online set the same way. Go figure, it fixed what had made me crazy. My real question is now how to align the image. I have always tilted the feed head it get perfect alignment but now I am not sure that will work the same way. If I tilt the infeed wont the lay guide try to straighten it back are kick on a skew if the guides make contact with a sheet that has been fed in on an angle.

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The lay guides are adjustable for skew.

The adjustment is explained in the operator manual.


There are two screws with set collars on either side of the bar your brass lay guides are on.
They adjust for skew. There is a tool called a Box Spanner that you need, and this hollow wrench allows you to slip a fillister head screwdriver through it. Then you can use the box spanner to unlock the set screw, make an adjustment to the adjustment screw, and re-tighten the set screw to hold position.

Once you have skew adjusted there is also a side guide for lateral adjustment. I would do the skew adjustment first and then adjust side guide, as if you consider that the skew adjustment might affect the side guide position a little- depending on tilt.

You have converted the gripper head to lay guide mode and are following the left hand standard, i am sure- To cause the grippers to open and “drop” the sheet to the correct location? I think it is worth noting that the position the pile is set to in the standards needs to be set to the brass (left) setting… or things can go awry easily.

Also, last thing- as long as you’re cutting your piles really consistently - especially the tail length of your sheets, from gripper edge to tail- you can combat “bounce” you might experience at higher printing speeds with a “Flying Dutchman” (look it up, but it’s a paper fold cut into the tympan in just the right spot), or I just use a paper tab stuck down opposite the side guide, which can cause the sheet to be “trapped” in side register. I’ll see if I can post a picture of this later.

Thank you for the feedback. We had figured out most of it but wondered if there was anything else we were missing. I had forgotten about the Flying Dutchman and will give that a try.