Universal I AB P — Bed Intelligence

Howdy all — I confess upfront that I am a newbee, so for any of my assumptions that are off, bring clarity. I am hoping to tap the knowledge stream here to ask if you can help with getting my press resuscitated from a 20-year nap in a NY basement. I have managed, with the gracious help of three BPers (you know who you are), to get a sad ink drum resurfaced and replaced. Next up is the adjustable bed. The press was shipped with the Hand Wheel removed and initially I was curious if there was a specific reinstall position but discovered there is only the taper-pin for the handle that aligns the shaft. So, here is my question:

— the Hand Wheel is very difficult to turn very far in either direction so as to determine where the Bed is in relation to the Bed Scale — short of removing the tapered Beds, any suggestions for your best practice in getting the lower Bed moving?

I welcome your input/thoughts and suggestions.

see attached images

image: UniI_AdjustableBed_13Feb2017_A.jpg


image: UniI_AdjustableBed_13Feb2017_B.jpg


image: UniI_AdjustableBed_13Feb2017_C.jpg


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This query is also posted on vanderblog. I have added Fritz’s email reply and my comment