Saddles for “La Triomphante” by Carabin-Schildknecht

Hi everyone, I just bought an old beautiful Belgian letterpress, the model is “La Triomphante” by Carabin-Schildknecht but the treadle, brake lever, rubber rollers, roller trucks etc. and saddles are missing… the treadle I think will be very difficult to find but I can build it, brake lever I can do without, rubber rollers and roller trucks I saw there are many factory all over the world… the first part I need to find I think are Saddles… Can you help me please… any suggestion? I foundt pictures on internet about mentioned saddles and I post letterpres pic too… Thanks in advance!!

image: saddles1.jpg


image: saddles2.jpg


image: letterpress1.jpg


image: letterpress2.jpg


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Lovely looking press! I suspect that the easiest would be to find a local machine shop, make larger copies of the photos of the saddles, and take along the dimensions of the rod ends to which the saddles attach as well as their distance apart. You will have to decide what size rollers and trucks you want also — the spacing between rollers of the lower three would be a bit more than their diameter each (maybe 2 inches center to center for 1-1/2 inch dia. rollers). Be sure the machinist knows the saddles have to tilt up and down so the slot the rods insert to must be large enough to allow that movement. Four of those things, two different sizes, should not cost much — they are not complex to make.


thanks so much Bob for your advice and kindness.