Anyone know this one?

I’m looking to identify this typeface, I’m damned if I can remember it and all my reference books are in storage as we are in rented accommodation at present.
Thanks in advance, it’s a Victorian or early 20thC Caslon one. Upper, lower, figs and punctuation.

image: image.jpeg


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Its simply named “Caslon”. Their 1913 ed catalogue displays it on p.454 in four sizes, from 30pt, to 60pt:

30pt: 14A 18a 13lbs.

36pt: 12A 16a 16lbs.

48pt: 8A 10a 18lbs.

60pt: 6A 8a 22lbs.

Thank you very much!

Albion_press, Is your picture right?
I’m not seeing any lower case.

I didn’t upload the L/c sorry!

Albion_press, what I’m seeing is a Victorian Display font?

Yes that’s correct, I’m chasing its name. It’s not listed in my 1911 Caslon which I uncovered recently.
The above information by Free Presse was what I was seeking.