Help with Stephenson Blake Font Please

Can anyone help identify this Stephenson Blake Font.
The photo is of 14pt
Identification or a point in the right direction would be very helpful.

image: stephensonblakeco2.jpg


image: stephensonblakeco1.jpg


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Probably Adonis Extended Italic, a Dutch photocomposition face that Millington states SB acquired as late as 1971 - but it was in their 1969 catalogue in a full range of sizes as normal, extended and extended italic so his date seems off. A close-up of the capital Q would be diagnostic.

It shows up as Adonis Extended Italic in my 1959 Stephenson Blake catalog. I then went to the Encyclopaedia of Type Faces to glean a little more information for you, but unfortunately it is not listed there (1991 printing).


Many thanks to The Free Presse & Rick.
I spent a few hours researching our books and online and came up empty handed. You are amazing and fast!

Thanks again.