Roller hooks or trucks?

I recently got trucks and new rollers made for my Pearl #2; however, the roller hooks are too narrow for the trucks. Does anyone know where I could get comparable hooks, or is there a good way to widen them?

Thanks in advance.

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At a guess Your Rollers & Trucks suppliers have got it wrong, assuming and hoping that the Trucks are the correct diameter to sit the Compound of the Rollers at the correct height above the image and You have no recourse to replacements, catergorically NOT interfere with the bore of the Hooks or You will be stuck with *obscure* size for evermore.!!
Inspect Your new rollers etc., carefully, if they were re-manufactured by Bona Fide, Roller Engineers,at each end of the Steel Cores should find shallow concave *dimples*, these being the means to mount the rollers in a conventional Lathe, equipped with Contra-rotating coarse grained Grinding Wheel, to enable the Re-cast rollers to be ground down to the finished size.
If the steel cores are so equipped, i.e. concave *dimples* it should be the simplest and cheapest operation possible to access a Lathe and have the outer ends of every Steel Stock turned down to fit the hooks, ONLY as far in as the diameter for the Trucks, even be a little clever and have the Stocks turned down to incorporate Nylon or Brass washers, to locate between the inner face(s) of the hooks and the outer face(s) of the trucks, always a shrewd move for the side play in the hooks.
If ascertaining the Bore/Diameter required to fit the hooks is difficult, not a problem WITHOUT Micrometer or Caliper vernier, simple as purchase a cheap set of twist drills, (Probably have to be Imperial NOT metric for that Vintage Machine,?) set, in the order of 1/16” up to 3/8” the size is always marked on the (plain part) of the shank, and will also give the exact bore/diameter required for the fit of the Steel stocks, of course to give Sliding/Rotating clearance Fit.
**Sets of drills, lurking in the corner, are usually good news in the Print Shop, if only for gently >winding< the accumulated rubbish from the Oil Holes.** - Good Luck.

I think the best solution is to have the trucks (I assume you have the type with the journals that are supposed to fit the hooks) turned down to the correct diameter — any machine shop with a machinist’s lathe should be able to do it quickly. If the core ends run in the hooks, then Mick’s solution is the answer.


Thanks, Mick and Bob. I’m going to email the gent that made my trucks and see what can be done on that end. If that fails, I’ll try finding a lathe.

Also check to be sure the cores are the same diameter as the originals — if the person who made the cores and trucks made the cores larger than the old ones then you may not have enough material on the new trucks to turn them down to fit the hooks. In that case, if the cores are smaller than the hooks, a brass shim sleeve ID of the cores and OD of the inside of the hooks, on the cores, with the journal ends cut off the new trucks, might be the best solution.