Typo Script (or Palace Script)

I acquired a pied font of what I believe to be 12 point Typo Script and while cleaning the crud off of it, I encountered this odd punctuation mark - what looks like an acute accent over a period (a little like an upside-down semi-colon). My copy of TDR does not list such a glyph, and I was curious as to what it is called and what it would be used for.

Does anyone know?

As you can see from the attachment, I could use some advice on taking close-ups of type with an iPhone. Has anyone found a good solution for this? The problem is not getting up close enough, I just can’t seem to focus on what I want to show.

Thank you!

Mike Moore
Union, Kentucky

image: TypoScriptPunctuation.jpg


image: typoscriptactual.2jpg.jpg


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No idea what the character is, but for the iphone, I used to shoot through a linen tester for close ups.

This is a finishing stroke with period. There is one for the comma as well, and a beginning and finishing stroke for words without punctuation. Nice touch to imitate cursive handwriting (remember when?!).


Just for future reference, what does “TDR” stand for. Is this a reference book?

John Henry

If your script is 12 pt., then it is not Typo Script, but possibly Typo Script Extended.

I believe there is no 12 pt. size for Palace Script (Monotype) either, the smallest shown in my specimens is 14 pt.


Theres certainly 12 point Society Script, - on its own sloping body with special spaces. An amazing tour de force of typefounding, with lots of hand finishing.. But as you say no 12 for Monotype’s 429 Palace, made underproper license from Stephenson Blake Ltd. Monotpe got their composition caster to do special tricks for this casting (and a couple of other special faces).


TDR - Typographic Desk Reference.

Apologies, I broke my own rule to EAA. (Expand All Acronyms)


Thanks for that answer. I’ve been around metal type for decades and I never knew about finishing strokes.