Sad in St Pete

I’m heartbroken. The mover dumped over my C&P. It fell over on a rainy day in the mud and pulling back upright also put a lot of stress on the fly wheel. Once is was delivered to it’s destination we noticed the problem. I have read past posts that the fly wheel can’t get bent and must be the shaft but take a look. Both guys at the shop are press mechanics and said the shaft is okay. I uploaded a video. I have a local machinist available. Thoughts?

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Flassh1- I feel your pain. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that same sad story about clumsy movers. Just a few years ago, a mover dumped a very nice C&P that was owned by a nearby City Museum…. totally destroying it.

The flywheel of a C&P CAN get bent a little before it breaks, even though a bent shaft is more common. If your guys think it’s the wheel and not the shaft, you can check that fairly simply: pull the wheel, set it onto a flat floor, and level it up. Then put a large dowel that fits snuggly into the shaft. Check the dowel to see if it’s vertical. If it’s not, then the wheel is bent.

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

I feel your pain too, sloppy movers I hired bashed our first C&P’s fly wheel on a concrete step and broke all 5 spokes and the hub right out of it. Winking Cat is right, that’s a good way to evaluate the wheel. Its heavy be careful not to drop it! Plus with it off you can have a friend hand crank the drive pulley and watch the end of the shaft with the wheel removed and watch for a wobble.

I can only speak for Ohio but our mover was legally required to insure our items for a minimum amount per pound. That led to a tense and combative couple weeks between us. In the end I got ours repaired by a talented welder and I have moved them myself ever since :)