Boston Stitcher (stapler?) help identifying and some questions

I have a free-standing stapler that I can’t seem to find any information about. The only label I can find simply says “Boston Stitcher Co. patent applied for”. It seems to be stapling fine, although the mechanism for loading staples does seem a little improvised. I’m wondering if anyone has any information or tips about how I could identify the model number of this machine and/or if you have any idea the size of staples I should be using to replace it? At the moment, it is filled with what (I’m pretty certain) are simply standard, 3/8” Stanley Bostitch staples (about 1/2” wide along the crown) and they staple just fine. Or… is it supposed to be a wire stitcher instead of a stapler?

image: IMG_20170907_111240509.jpg


image: IMG_20170907_111158027.jpg


image: IMG_20170907_111216181.jpg


image: IMG_20170907_111249535.jpg


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Yours is intended to take staples, the bostitch staples as you say work fine, you just have to get staples for the depth of job you want to stitch.

The pictures show the difference, good luck, John

image: SAM_0484.JPG


image: SAM_0483.JPG