proof press and cabinet, is this worth anything?

You guys have been great helping a newbie figure out where to start with all the type I’ve had in storage for years. As I learn more and more about letterpress I’m figuring out what all that mysterious stuff I have actually is. I have finally figured out that I have a “Signpress” proof press and the corresponding cabinet. The cabinet seems to be in good shape. I do have enough wood drawers to fill all of the slots. The Signpress is rusty on the bed, but otherwise seems to work. The roller seems good and the wheels run back and forth along the track. I have several sets of the large type that would on the bed of the press. Can you guys help me figure out what all of this together might be worth?
I’m not keeping any of this stuff. Though I am getting really into learning about letterpress, I don’t need anything else on my plate. I would like to sell the set together as I assume it would be more valuable that way.
The wood drawers I have are “Thompson Cabinet Co”.
Oh, and I also have the card drying rack.

image: IMG_20171016_154108558 (1).jpg

IMG_20171016_154108558 (1).jpg

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This is what I have. The press is a little different, but essentially the same thing.

Hi there,

I can’t help with pricing..but I am curious where you are located? I like the looks of that stuff! Am trying to build a little shop myself..


I’m in central Missouri

I’m not trying to build a shop, we acquired all of this stuff when we bought out a retired printer years ago. All we wanted was his engraving equipment. We threw all of this extra “stuff” into storage and had no idea anyone would want it. We originally planned to haul it off for scrap! I know many of you are feeling faint at the thought. LOL
Fortunately I decided to do a little internet sleuthing first and discovered a whole new world. :)

This is one of the sets of type I found that goes with the press. There’s at least one other set, if not more.
When I get everything cleaned off, put together and researched I’ll post it in the classifieds. Still don’t have any idea what it’s worth.

image: IMG_20171017_175144984.jpg


Very cool little setup. Hope it goes to a good home.

Value is pretty much what you can get for it. It may actually be harder to sell it all together (expect to a nut like me that appreciates that).

Complete fonts of type can go anywhere from $20 to $100.

“Normal” type cabinets can be had for between $100 and $250.

The little sign press, to the right person, you may get several hundred for.

Again it’s finding the right person that makes it valuable. Might want to make sure you list it as “or best offer”.

A very desirable showcard press that had its own standard height type with slots at the bottom that sits on rails across the bed as well as taking normal height type that can be locked in a chase or held in place on the bed with magnetic quoins.A bit of rust on the bed is not a problem.

Download the manual

Thank you for the link to the PDF!