Group Purchase for Magazine Brushes!!!

I was fortunate to have several very good condition Star/Wetter magazine brushes and to find a company who could reproduce them. (yes they are pricey)

I’ve set up an item on my online store for $0 to gauge interest. The amount of total brushes ordered will determine the price each. Please follow the link below and fill out an order for how many brushes you think you would like. After I have an idea of how many brushes everyone is interested I’ll enter the price and shipping costs and email everyone to place a real order.

39” x 1-1/8” x 3/8” thick hard wood block with hang-up hole, staple set in 5 x 11 straight pattern on each side with gradual flare in both, length and width dimensions, approximately 9/16” trim out on each side, 1-1/2” overall height.

The total quantity of all orders will determine the actual price per brush as follows. Prices do not include shipping
12 - 24: $69.00 each
25 - 49: $46.00 each
50 - 99: $36.00 each
100 +: $26.00 each

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Did this ever go anywhere? I just ordered a box of 1-row brass brushes from Gordon and thought to ask Dave Seat if he’d ever considered having Gordon do a make of magazine brushes. He pointed my to Lammy.

mjb / interrobang / linotypesetting

I got no interest from anyone at all.

Gordon Brush should still have all the specs I sent them for the magazine brushes. Thing is it’s costly to have them set up for a custom brush, so it’s not really feasible for me to order some by myself.

On the basis that, * Necessity is the Mother of invention* is it just possible that Shotgun cleaning kit will do the job.?

As good if not better. 12 Gauge kit from Wall Mart 1/2 the price as above.???

I have about 20 original magazine brushes, all brand new.
None are for sale. You mentioned Star Parts. I was a field
Engineer for them for 12 years. Glad to hear about all ” the
wish I was a REAL Intertype/ Linotype Machinist. Came from
the REAL FACTORY, spent 6 Years as an Apprentice Want
to know about machine? Call me. I probably can tell you
what is a problem over the phone. I will guide you through
every step. At 80 years old this is one thing I know. Have
a customer in PA has not called me for anything. Uses the
machine 3 days a week. So continue using all the shoemakers that are left. When you have no choice GOD
the factory. Remember NO ONE has the experience Like
from the factory. Take my word for it. You will pay and pay.
I still service people throughout the country. I AM the only
person that touches their machine. There is nothing that
I do not remember about any of these machines. Like
Model 25@ 26 with three Distributer boxes.Talk abou a
problem?? Bye For Now