Westman & Baker Platen Press with pulley

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The museum where I work recently acquired a down-on-its-luck Westman & Baker platen press (11 x 15): it’s missing its ink disk and assembly, rollers, bales, grippers - and probably a few more things to boot. It’s a relatively rare Canadian press, and we are considering investing in some TLC.

To do this we will need to identify the model and year of the press - and so to start our research, I’m turning to you. On the hinges beneath the platen, i’ve found 2 numbers: 371 (on the left hinge) and 37 (on the right — see image attached). Is this a serial or model number?

Also, the press is designed to be operated through a drive belt and pulley; there is no treadle.

I’ve been searching through some editions of the periodical “Canadian Printer and Publisher,” but with little results. I’ll be heading over to the National Science and Tech museum next week to consult their treadle version, but I’m also hoping that one of you Westman & Baker owners can share your knowledge - and point me in the right direction.

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image: Full


image: Close up

Close up

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Hi Sue, these are copies of the new style Gordon. we have some pictures of completed machine at howardironworks.org. If you’re local to Toronto you can come see it for research. here is link:

Thanks for this, Nick. The photos are useful. Can you advise where I might find the serial & model number?

I’m in Ottawa, but am hoping to get to your museum before the snow flies.


Hi Sue, the number is stamped and several places. On the main arms, On the main pivot casting that closes the platen, On the two machined blocks (your photo) which is attached to the platen. Looks from your photo its 371… .? Look forward to seeing you in the future.

Ah! Perfect. Thanks again!