Hello all,

An artist has requested some 24pt type to be cast at our foundry for a project. Needs to match these buttons as closely as possible. Your thoughts much appreciated.

Dan T-J

image: ButtonB.jpg


image: ButtonE.jpg


image: ButtonT.jpg


image: ButtonY.jpg


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Looks like Caslon.

Indeed, hard to say for certain with only 4 characters but compare it to this specimen.


Caslon Bold, maybe? Actually, McGrew’s showing of American Caslon from Monotype (p.68) seems about as close as any shown there, especially is there was a bold version of it. Hard to be sure about the size with the photos, but it has longer descenders than Monotype’s New Caslon 2 lines up.


Look at the serif angle on that cap “T” looks like Caslon Bold to me. Not sure if it’s 540 or not, but I would look closely at Caslon 540 Bold.