Type identification help

Any ideas what this is? The M has an X as a foundry mark.

image: 1703D17E-711A-4FA9-BCB2-1478EE4C0FBC.jpeg


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What size is it, and is there any pinmark? It’s a neat-looking face, though. And I’d guess it might be British with the £ sign.


Or maybe from an Indian foundry? The face has characteristics that could have been attractive to users in India. I don’t know if any of the India foundries are still operating, but I think some are.


The pin mark is X. No other marks. Thank you Bob.

I believe that your typeface is named, “RANDOM” cast by Farmer in the late 19th-century. Farmer’s pin-mark was more of a cross, than an X, that is, a vertical line and a horizontal line through the center of a circle. Having a pound mark in the font was not unusual for those cast in the US.

Dave Greer

That definitely looks right. Google books has a specimen…


Thank you all.