Advice please on removing Cropper chase

Would anyone please tell me how to remove the chase on our newly acquired Cropper treadle (a Minerva I think)? The previous owner of 30+ years never removed it, but just used a smaller chase inside it, held with quoins. There seems to be a clip holding the large chase in place, with a spring and screw and nut behind the ink disk- could anyone tell me if I need to remove the nut, or if there is some lever to release the chase that I haven’t noticed. Thanks!

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Photos might help. Backing the nut off to the limit might provide enough wiggle room to unclip the chase. You might need to push the nut against the spring as well…

This is just guesswork, but that is what I would look at first.

Remove the ink disk. Just lift it up or unscrew it and lift it up. Be gentle with it. Take some photos before. Just is case :-) Now you should have easy access to the chase lock. Unscrew it. Now you can remove the chase. Clean everything with steel wool and lubricate well.

Photos might be helpful.