Chandler & Price Letterpress - San Francisco Do you know what model this is?

Awesome machine. Needs some cleaning up but seems to have a ton of potential. I don’t know much about this curious to know more about its history if anyone can identify. I was told it was an older Chandler and Price.

Im selling it so I would like to be able to tell interested people accurate information. Im posted an ad in the classified section with photos. Having an issue positing photos here.


image: IMG_1385.JPG


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Will this work with white ink?

Whatever it is, it appears that it was rolled off the back of a truck as it flew down the interstate, then buried in a swamp for a decade after that. Two thirds of the press are missing, and of the third that remains there appears to be significant damage.

The bed, ink disk, roller arms and flywheel are all missing.

Your best bet is to part it out on ebay.

You have an early Chandler & Price “Pilot press. First sold in 1893, originally designed and patented by Henry Thorpe of the Cleveland Type foundry. It was manufactured by C&P until the 1970s. Your only option is to sell this press as parts, for another project restoration.

This is NOT a C&P Pilot Press!!!!!!! The Pilot press were not floor models and there are two distinct styles - oldstyle and newstyle. This appears to be an Oldstyle C&P, but definitely not a Pilot model.


My mistake, sorry. It is a floor model Chandler & Price. Often referred to as the “old style” . They began making the C&P in 1886 based on George Gordon’s patents, which relied upon many of Stephen Rugges’ ideas. The “Old Style was discontinued in 1911. The Co. made 40,000 of the presses, I was told that not many of them survived WWII. Still valuable cast iron for a project press.

Hi, What you have there is 1/2 a press Old Style by the leg configuration. That need lots of work. Do you have the other 1/2? if not it looks like it could be used as a Parts Press.