Golding Official #3 chase

Hello all, I enjoy this website very much, and the knowledge of all the Printers out there. I have not had success in finding a chase for a Golding Official #3, which I believe is 5 x 71/2, - would anyone know if any pattern exists for having one made?

Thank you,

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Hi Maggie with a couple of measurements off your press I can make one. click on my name and send a message for more info. Todd

image: CIMG1493.JPG


How many would you like? We have the OEM #3 Official Chase in stock


Todd… Are the Golding Official chases interchangeable with those of the Sigwalts & Nonpareils of equal size? My Golding press chases have a double ear and my Sigwalts & Nonpareils a single. I don’t have comparable sizes of each variety of press to compare as a test. Chase shown in your photo is a Sigwalt… or is the photo just to illustrate a chase in general.

Thank you Todd for the information,and photo; and great to know that someone is making chases out there!


Thank you Tom for your reply, and doubly great to know there’s another business making chases too!


that chase is from Nonpareil and fits on Golding good it may be wrong chase. all my other sigwalts have single wedge on ears so they can not be put in upside down is that what you say is double ear . I know on Sigwalts there was 2 sizes on 4x6, 5x7.5 and 6x9, larger of the 2 were about 1/4” wider overall. I do not have that size to test fit. unfortunately I never documented the outside of chase’s over the years.

I hear Maggie got a chase, glad that worked out.
I do see now my #4 Golding has ears split apart on chase the
[double ear]
number 1 and 2 do not.. measurements are going to be needed when ever looking for a chase. I cut new ones out of flat stock so anything can be made.

image: CIMG1495.JPG